Services Offered

We are a customer-oriented business. As such, we offer an array of services to ensure you have confidence in your investments, appraisals, and estates.

Shipping: If you see it, love it, and can picture it in your home, why should distance keep you from a beautiful antique? Our answer: it shouldn’t! We offer the highest standard of nationwide shipping to ensure your item gets safely to you. Your piece will be blanket wrapped and delivered in our own delivery trucks or trusted in the care of our experienced shippers, most we have worked with for over 25 years.

Appraisals: In addition to our range of antique collections, we also offer appraisals. Starting at just $25, our staff offers our combined years of experience and expertise to help you know the value of your various heirlooms. Whether Antique or Vintage Jewelry, Music Machines, Antique Furniture, Dresden Figurines, Victorian Art Glass, American Art Pottery or other Collectibles, we can help. Estate planning just got much easier.

Estates: Moving, downsizing, and liquidating are all stressful ventures. At Salado Creek Antiques, we can help. Whether by outright purchase, estate sale, or auction, we can purchase any or all pieces to make the headache of excess furniture a little less daunting.

Layaway: We understand the heartbreak of seeing a loved item with no immediate place to put it. Whether you are moving to a new home or rearranging your current one, we get it. That is why we offer a layaway service. Our policy is simple and flexible: “you want it, we’ll work it out.” Absolutely free and available for up to 90 days, our layaway service will put buying anxiety to rest.

Locator: Along with exquisite antique finds, we pride ourselves on organization. While we have a wide variety of American Antique Furniture pieces on our showroom floor, we also have warehouses of inventory to choose from with sources across the nation. We maintain a “customer want list”, for those elusive, hard to find pieces. We will do our best to locate exactly what you are looking for.