Cranberry Satin Glass Peg Lamp by Lion Lamp Works

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Fancy Cranberry Ribbed Satin Glass Peg lamp.  Wonderful old Whale Oil Lamp,  Beautiful Color,  Matching Font & Shade. Marked RD No.5313,  Lion Lamp Works, London, Prince & Symmons, Manufactured Abroad.   Circa 1880 We are supposing it was manufactured in the USA for Prince & Symmons.  Beautiful Condition.   Brass Candlestick appears handmade,  has lead added to the base to be more stable.  the clip which held the lamp tight is missing from the lamp base, someone has wrapped with tape.  It fits very securely into the candlestick. The Chimney has minor roughness and is marked Bell Brand / Germany, Crystal Glass.

Dimensions: Overall Height 21 1/2″ tall
Brass Peg Base 9 3/4″ tall
Shade 5″ tall
Chimney 7 5/8″ tall