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Fine China & Porcelain

  • Tresselmann & Voight Limoges France, 9 pc Fish Set. Great Vivid Detail with a soft fern overlay. Beautiful! Excellent detail with soft minor gold wear. Circa 1890

  • Beautiful Limoges Game Bird Set, Platter and 8 Matching Plates, Double Marked Limoges France with the Anchor A L Mark and the Pink T.V.Bell France Mark. Soft Salmon Color with Heavy Gold, Excellent Condition, Almost NO wear to the gold.

  • Tresselman & Voight Limoges Game Bird Set. Wonderful Large Platter with 12 Plates. Beautifully Hand Painted and in great condition. Minor Gold Wear, one plate with a tiny nick from back side. Platter is 18" wide, 11" across, plates are 8 1/2" diameter. All are properly marked. Circa 1890's

  • Limoges Fish Set with the Bawo & Dotter Elite Red Shield Mark. Plattter 10 Plates and the matching Sauce Boat. Pale Green with Soft Floral Garland and Hand Painted Fish Scenes. Platter is 23 1/4" Wide 10 1/4" Height, Plates are 9 1/4" diameter, Sauce Boat is 9" wide. All pieces are correctly marked. Heavy Gold Gilding in Fine Condition with almost no wear. Platter is near perfect with no chips or cracks. 8 Plates are near perfect with no chips or cracks. 2 Plates have teeny nics, one under the rim that does not show from the top, one has a nic on the base under the plate. Nothing distracting only mentioned for accuracy. Circa 1890's

  • Dresden Meyer & Sons Coffee Pot, Meissen Blank. Handpainted with Magnificent Burgundy Body and Courting Scenes Both Sides. Exquisite Detail, Heavily decorated with Gold Gilt. Excellent Condition. Dates to 1890's

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Matched Pair of Demitasse Cups with Dessert Saucers. Reticulated Edge, Beautifully Handpainted with Blue Floral Garlands and Yellow Bows. Sold as Matched Pair. Earlier Mark to 1893

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Matched Pair of Demitasse Dessert Sets, Floral Garlands and Pink Bows. Sold as a Pair! Reticulated Edge, Earlier Mark to 1893

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Demitasse Cup and Dessert Saucer. Reticulated Edge, Beautifully Handpainted with Floral Garlands and Blue Bows. Sold as a single set. Show here with a near match DresFH56

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Demitasse Cup and Dessert Saucer Set. Reticulated Edge, Beautifully handpainted with Floral Garlands and Blue Bows. Sold as one Set. Show here with near matched set DresFH57

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Demitasse Cup and Dessert Saucer. Reticulated Edge, Beautifully Hand Painted, Priced for One Set. Shown Here with Near Match DresAL54

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Demitasse Cup Saucer Dessert Set. Reticulated Edge, Beautifully Handpainted, Priced for One Set. Shown with Near Match DresAL55

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Demitasse Dessert Set, Cup with Plate. Beautifully Handpainted, Sold as a single set. Shown with Near Match DresAl52

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Demitasse Dessert Set, Reticulated Edge, Beautifully handpainted. Sold as a Single Set, Shown with a near match DresAL53

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Demitasse Dessert Set. Reticulated Edge, Beautifully Handpainted, Priced as a single Set. Shown with Set DresAL50 which is a near match.

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Demitasse Dessert Set, Reticulated Saucer with Matching Cup. Sold as a single set. Shown with a near matched set, both by Ambrosius Lamm

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Set of 8 Demitasse Cups and Saucers. Beautifully Hand Painted with Roses and Rose Garlands and Rosebud painted into the bottom of each delicate cup. Sold as a set of 8.

  • Dresden Fraziska Hirsch Ramekins with Matching Underplates. Set of 3 Adorned with Floral Garlands and Gold Gilted Urns filled with Floral Bouquets. Price as Each $125 Ramekin with Underplate

  • Dresden Cream Soups with Underplates, Franziska Hirsch, Beautifully Handpainted with Floral Garlands. Set of 10, Sold in Pairs or all 10

  • Dresden Cheese Server, Beautifully Painted with Floral Bouquet and Floral Garlands from an unknown Decorating Company, on a Limoges Blank. Illigible Signature, probably the China Painter.

  • Dresden Crown Mark, In the Style of Franziska Hirsch. Beautifully Handpainted Cheese Server with Gold Gilt Decorated Edge. Limoges Blank

  • Dresden Crown Mark Tiered Cheese Server. Beautiful Vivid Color Floral Garlands in the style of Franziska Hirsch, Gold Gilt around the edges.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Tiered Cheese Server. Beautiful Floral Bouquets and Gold Gilt Scrolls. This Item Reduced from $250 to $100 because of shallow chip on the foot.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch High Edge Ornate Bowl. Vivid Color Floral Bouquet Surrounded by Dancing Floral Garlands Adorned with Gold Gilt Scrolls over a High Relief Ornate Edge. Six Paneled Mold, Very Rare. Hand Painted Back Edge as well!

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Large Handled Platter. Beautiful Floral Bouquet Surrounded by Dancing Floral Garlands and Ornate Gold Gilt. Marked and Made Expressly for the S & G Gump Department Store in San Francisco, Ca.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Large Handled Platter, Vivid Floral Center Bouquet Surrounded by Dancing Floral Garlands and Ornate Gold Gilt Scrolls. Factory Marked Expressly for the S & G Gump Department Store, San Francisco, Ca.

  • Dresden Crown H ( Franziska Hirsch ? ) Large Round Platter. Beautiful Large Floral Bouquet with Vibrant Color, Floral Bouquets and Gold Gilt Scrolls surrounding the Platter.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Large Round Platter. Exquisite Large Floral Bouquet with Bright Vivid Color, Smaller Bouquets surround the Platter, Raised Shallow Edge Adorned with Gold Gilt Trailings.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Large Platter. Beautiful High Relief Mold, Large Handpainted Floral Bouquet, Sides Adorned with Smaller Bouquets, Heavy Gold Gilt Scroll Border. Old Staple Repair shows from the Back. Faint line shows from the front. This platter because of the size and quality warranted a professional repair years ago. Still a magnificent display piece.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Covered Vegetable / Casserole Dish. Beautifully Handpainted Floral Garland on the lid and around the Bowl. Heavy Gold covering the entire piece. Freeform Woodlike Handles. Beautifully Handpainted Scattered Flowers Inside the Bowl and Inside the Lid! The bottom of the Dish is unfired ceramic to hold heat. Truly a beautiful and rare find.

  • Dresden Centerpiece Bowl, Beautiful Handles and Fall Sides, Floral Bouquet with Floral accents and Gold Gilt adorning the fall sides.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Long Relish Dish / Celery Tray. High Relief Mold, Beautifully Handpainted Floral Bouquet, Slight Gold Gilt Loss. Priced Accordingly.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch, Set of 4 Large Plates, Exquisite Floral Bouquets, High Relief Plates with Wonderful Gold Gilt, Meissen Style.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Plates, Set of 6, Beautifully Hand painted Floral Bouquets with Dancing Garlands and delicate Gold Gilt. Made Expressly for S & G Gump Department Store, San Francisco, California and marked from the factory. Priced as a Set of 6

  • Dresden Richard Klemm Cups & Saucers. Wonderful Set of 8, Beautifully Hand Painted, Vivid Color, Swirled Blank. Priced as a Set of 8

  • Dresden Donath & Company Footed Compote / Centerpiece Bowl. Swirled Blank, Large Floral Bouquet, Gold Gilt Scrolls along the rim.

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Large Reticulated Edge Bowl. Exquisite Floral Medallion, Brilliant Color, Heavy Gold Gilt.

  • Dresden Reticulated Edge Plate, Marked RL Dresden, Unknown Small Factory. Beautifully Hand Painted with Floral Center Bouquet and painted Medalions Among the Reticulated Edge.

  • Dresden Ambrosius Lamm Reticulated Plate, Beautiful Monogram possibly MA or MD. Gold Gilt adorning the Reticulated Edge.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Reticulated Edge Plate. Beautiful Mold! Exquisite Floral Bouquet, Rare with Pansys, Surrounded with Floral Medallions amoung the reticulated edge. Another Plate Listed as well. DresFH23

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Reticulated Edge Plate. Beautiful Floral Bouquet Rare to find with Pansys, and Floral Medallions around the Border. Heavy Gold Gilt around the Reticulated Edge. Another one same blank listed as well.

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Marie Antoinette Reticulated Edge Plate. Beautifully Done!

  • Dresden Donath & Company Handpainted Swirled Plate. Great Raised Swirl Blank, Adorned with a Beautiful Gold Gilted Swirled Edge.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Plate. Beautifully Banded with a Soft Cream. Exquisite Floral Bouquet with Floral Accents surrounding the well.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Plates, Beautfully Hand Painted PAIR, Bordered with Hand Painted Pale Blue Forget Me Nots with Rose Medallions and the Center Floral Bouquet. Priced for the Pair

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Very Rare Watering Can, Whimsey Piece! Beautiful Blank with raised relief. Handpainted with Florals hanging from Delicate Ribbon and Floral Garlands, Lots of Gold Gilt!

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Bolted Candlesticks, Rare in a Pair. Beautiful Blue with Hand Painted Floral Medallions and Gold Gilt Trim. 1901 - 1930

  • Dresden Rare Card Receiver, Unknown Manufacture, but possibly Franziska Hirsch. Tiny Stains on the Porcelain. But Priced accordingly and Beautiful. Circa 1900

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Miniature Handled Tray. Beautiful Reticulated Edge, Handpainted Floral Bouquet with Floral Garlands. Austria Blank.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Miniature Handled Tray with Beautifully Reticulated Sides. Exquisite Handpainted Floral Center with Floral Garland all Around.

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Lidded Miniature Bolted Urn. Childs Heads Adorn the Handles. Beautifully Hand Painted Detail with Floral Baskets Suspended from the Floral Garland by a Bow. Great Detail! In addition to the Carl Thieme Mark, marked Dec 545 Depose' 1900

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Miniature Lidded Bolted Urn. Rams Heads Adorning the Handles. Bold Pink Body with Hand Painted Floral Cameos. 1901

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Handled Heart Shaped Nappy or Open Dish. Beautiful raised Detail, Exquisitely Handpainted and Gold Gilted. Made expressly for S & G Gump Department Store in San Fransico and marked accordingly. Ca 1893 - 1901

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Tall Tea Caddy. Beautiful Raised Relief, Domed Lid, Adorned with Exquisite Hand Painted Floral Medallions and Gold Gilt. Mark Dates 1893 - 1930

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Tea Caddy. Beautifully Hand Painted with Raised Relief Adorned with Gold Gilt. Earlier Mark.

  • Dresden Miniature Round Trinket Box by Helena Wolfsohn. Beautifully Handpainted in Tiny Detail and Adorned with a Gold Gilt Garland. Circa 1890

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Miniature Heart Shaped Trinket Box. Beautifully Handpainted Floral Bouquets Inside and Out and Delicately Gold Gilted Garlands around the Openings.

  • Dresden Shell Shaped Covered Trinket Box, Handpainted inside lid and box, Rare Dimensional Mold, Heavily Gilded. Franziska Hirsch. 1893 - 1930

  • Dresden Open Heart Dish, Scalloped outside, Beautifully Decorated, Carl Thieme, Ca. 1901- 1930's

  • Rare Miniature Dresden Chamberstick / Candlestick. Beautifully Decorated attributed to Richard Wehsner. Circa 1895 - 1918

  • Very Rare Franziska Hirsch Tea Strainer. Beautifully Hand Painted, Well Marked. Circa 1901 - 1930

  • Royal Worcester, England Hand Painted Dessert / Salad Set. Hand Painted and in Incredible Condition. 12 Rare Square 8" Plates with 11 Matching Demitasse Cups / Saucers. The Plates are each a different Floral Bouquet Hand Painted and Signed by S. Stanley. The Demitasse Cups and Saucers are each different and Signed by E Phillips. The were manufactured for L. B. King & Co. of Detroit, Michigan and marked accordingly. We have a reprint of a brochure written by Elbert Hubbard, touting the importance of L.B. King & Co. and the incredible items carried in this wonderful old gallery store. Circa 1925

  • Dresden Miniature Covered Trinket Box in the Shape of a Settee. Wonderfully Detailed Gilding Highlighting the Handpainted Florals. Attributed to Helena Wolfsohn mark dating 1886 - 1891

  • Ornate Covered Trinket Dish with applied flowers and Dresden Flower Bouquets. Footed with Stylized Handles. Signed von Schierholz

  • Beautiful Floral Swag Pattern with Rose Cameo, in the tall Demitasse Cup/Saucer. Nice Reticulated Edge on Saucer. Very Minor Gilt loss on the ribbed area of the Saucer, otherwise Excellent Condition. Marked Bavaria Schumann 7 sets available

  • Beautifully decorated Large Open Bowl, Lacey Edge, Reticulated Sides, Fully Painted, Cameo Center. Great Gold Gilt, Marked Schumann, Bavaria, Germany, US ZONE

  • Dresden Flowers Compotes, Beautiful Portraits with Cobalt Blue Floral Cameos and Reticulated edge fully painted. Footed Bases. A truly Beautiful Pair Displayed together. Priced Separately. Marked Royal Bavarian, Dresdner Art Schumann, made in Bavaria, Lion Shield

  • Beautiful Compote marked Bavaria, Schumann, Arzberg, Germany with the Golden Crown E & R, 1886 Shield Mark.

  • Smaller Dresden Flowers Creamer. Marked Dresden, Schumann, Bavaria 670 Raised Fleur d lis pattern.

  • Unusual Square Reticulated Edge Bowl. Lovely Portrait Medallion Center. Dresden Flower swag and Rose Cameo Corners. Marked Germany

  • Dresden Flowers open bowl, Awesome Center Medallion with 8 circling medallions. marked RW Bavaria, Made in Germany Good Gold Gilt.

  • Dresden flowers demitasse. Marked Bavaria, Schumann, Arzberg Germany Empress, Dresden Flowers. Gold Gilt is in Excellent Condition. Also marked with the Golden Crown E & R 1886 Mark.

  • Bavaria open cutwork bowl. marked Schwarzenhammer, Bavaria

  • Dresden flowers compote. Beautiful Reticulated Edge, Good Gilt. Marked Schumann Arzberg Germany

  • Haviland Dammouse Covered Vegetable Bowl, Rich Salmony Pink #H2892 Near Perfect Conditon in a rare early pattern.

  • Rare Oversized Open Bowl, in the wonderful Dammouse, a beautiful salmony pink. #2892 An early example of the finest, ask about our other pieces available in this pattern.

  • Dresden Set of 12 Dessert Sets, Same Blanks, but varied Companies. Sold as a complete set or sold individually with other listings.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Set of 6 Demitasse Footed Cups and Matching Saucers. Wonderfully painted with Floral Garlands and Heavy Gold Gilt. Great to find a set of 6 Sold all together

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Shell Shaped Miniature Cabinet Cup, Beautiful Design and Shape. Beautifully Hand Painted and Adorned with Gold Gilt inside and out. Circa 1893

  • Victorian Fish Set by Schmidt, Bavaria, Austria. Signed Victoria, Schmidt. Platter with 6 plates. Excellent Condition, Gold Gilded, No Chips or Cracks. Scuffs consistent with age and use. Platter Measures 21 1/2", Plates 8 3/4". Circa 1891 - 1908

  • 13 Pc. Handpainted Game Set by A. Lanternier, Limoges, France. Marked with the Anchor Impressed Mark / A L Limoges, Depose, indicating 1890. Also marked with the logo from Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton Co, Boston, the retailer. The Platter with 12 Matching Plates. There are 6 different Fowl Scenes. All in Good Condition, one plate having a shallow chip on the underside edge. Minor Scuffing consistent with the age. Platter measures 18 1/2" Plates are 9 1/2".

  • Fancy Handled Basket decorated with Dresden Flowers and ornate gold giltwork. Signed with crossed swords P & R, Paris Royal. Estate Item, 1950's??

  • Wide Gold Rim Chargers, "Dresden Flowers" Bouquets. signed Epiag, Royal, Made in Czechoslovakia. Set of 8

  • Beautiful, Emerald Green Tall Handled Ewer with Medallions of Dresden Flowers and Gold Gilding. Some Gild loss on the Handle. Great Decorative Piece. Signed Eleanor China #3, Austria, Nickel Mark.

  • Beautifully decorated Royal Bayreauth Vase with Double Twisted Handles, Dresden Flowers Medallions front and back and Rose Wreaths framing the Medallions. Slight Gold Gilt Loss. Signed Royal Bayreuth, P T, Bavaria, Blue Mark.

  • Limoges Magnificent Tall Cake Stand. Beautiful Hand Painted Dresden Flowers Bouquet. Dresden Floral Bouquets on the base as well. Excellent Condition. Marked Limoges, France

  • Rare Toothpick, Beautiful square shape with pinched sides. Handpainted Florals. Marked S I & M B ?? Not a mark I am familiar with, but a beautiful older piece. some wear to the Gold Gilt Edge.

  • Beautiful Pierced Top Covered Trinket Dish, Footed, Dresden Flowers Surround the base, Raised Flowers adorn the lid. Good Gold Gilt. Marked von Schierholz. Great Condition! Showy Piece

  • Dresden flowers plate. Marked Dresden, Schumann, Bavaria minor flaw to rim with gold retouched, barely felt with finger. Some gold gilt wear on edge. Beautiful Dresden Flowers Center with Floral rim on "Basketweave". Regular Price $78 As Is $39

  • Pair of Beautiful candlesticks. Marked Dresden, Germany with the crossed swords. Adorned with Pink, Yellow and White Roses and pale green leaves. Excellent Condition!

  • Rosenthal three piece dessert set, Louis XIV pattern. Cup, saucer and plate. Marked Rosenthal, Selb-Bavaria Louis XIV E.W.