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Consigned Items

-Sterling Flatware
-Victorian Art Glass

Victorian Art Glass - Art Glass

  • Wonderful Victorian Art Glass Peachblow Basket with amber handle and amber ruffled rim. Great styling and in perfect condition. Polished Pontil

  • Mount Washington cased glass vase with beautiful stylized cherries and amber trailings into a handle. Amberina applied and tooled leaves. Wonderful simple styling. No chips, nics or damage. Slight Heat check where the trailing applies to the side of the vase. Heat checks occur during manufacture when one part of the glass cools faster than the rest and are not considered a defect or damage.

  • Mount Washington Rare Green Squat Vase with amber trailing and tooled pink flowers. Rich Green color at the top fading to palest green at the bottom. Mint condition, no chips, nics, or cracks. A few carbon dots between the layers, only one shows in photo, all others are miniscule.

  • Magnificient Mount Washington Tall Peachblow Vase! Incredible handpainting, fired on liquid glass flowers. Wonderful detail~ Crystal Ruffled Rim. Exquisite piece! Excellent undamaged condition. several price tags still affixed to bottom....What appears to be $25 originally, 1950's price of $225, 1970's price of $750, all listed around the broken pontil. Truly a wonderful rare piece.

  • Matched Pair End of Day Tortoise Vases. Great Applied Handles, good tortoise detail, good color. One vase 7" one 7 1/4". Excellent Condition! Sold as a pair only!

  • Tortoise Blown End of Day Tall Vase, possibly Candlestick. Beautiful full swirl design from top to bottom. Early Northwood? Great color and unusual design.

  • Rare Twisted Loop Vaseline Glass Thorn Vases. Great enough as a single, but to find a matched pair in near perfect condition! A must have for the serious Thorn Vase Collector! These are a spectacular 12" tall and have the best design with the twisted loops I have ever seen. Truly Museum Quality! They are in great condition with only roughness to a few of the feet.

  • Rare Double Tall Vaseline Glass Thorn Vase with Opalescent Thorns. Great Stylized Feet. Double Vase is fused in several places but shows the keyhole opening at the base. Minor roughness to a fe thorns, several nics around the top, three if the five feet have nics and roughness. There are mineral deposits inside the vase visible about 1 inch from the top, but then clear most of the way down. Still showy and a great example or the Victorian Art Glass.

  • Rare pair of Cranberry Victorian Thorn Vases. Unusual Fluted Bases. Thorns in a twisted rib pattern also very unusual. The Thorns were left very rough and there are a few with nics. The bases are perfect as are the rims.

  • Great little Vaseline Glass Thorn Vase with Stylized base and vaseline opalescent throat. Glows Brightly! Unsual size with 6 stylized feet. Thorns intact, rolled rim intact, slight nics to the thorn feet as you would expect on a piece this age. Nothing to detract!

  • Great Thorn Vase with very ornate Clear Glass Stylized Base. Thorns intact, base in great condition with only one chip to one toe. Slight roughness around top.

  • Bohemian Green Irridized Ruffled Bowl with hand painted flowers. Great Color, Great Hand Decoration!

  • Rainbow end of the day vase. Rare color, great condition.

  • Loetz biscuit jar. Excellent quality! Ornate Fitted Top, silver over brass, silver is worn. Measures 8.5" tall, 11" with the handle up.

  • Loetz green diamond basket weave vase. Very Nice color and irridescence.

  • Loetz/Kralik threaded glass claret jug. Wonderful green color with dark pewter color threadings. Silver over pewter handle and lid spout. Great Condition!

  • Rare Watermelon Color Mount Washington Basket with amber footed base and handle. Handle has the stylized flower imprint attaching the swirled handle to the basket and amber trailings around the tooled rim. Exquisite Piece! No chips or nics, feet have minor roughness and appear to have been leveled during manufacture. There is a heat check to the handle where it applies to the basket, minor roughness where the tool was used to work the rim and two blisters on the inside of the basket. All of the mentioned is for accuracy only, not considered damage and all done when the piece was blown.

  • Mount Washington reverse peachblow vase. Great size 10" tall Jack in the Pulpit Style with amber trailings. Wonderful applied plums in the amber with amberina tooled leaves. Applied Amber feet and amber ruffled rim. Excellent condition. Trailings and applied fruit with no nics or damage. minor roughness on the feet as is expected in this style base.

  • Wonderful Stevens and Williams Bulbous Vase with Applied Flowers, Leaves and Trailings. Great Peachblow, rich color fading to soft color at the bottom. Amber trailings connect the amberina leaves and white and rose flowers, and amber ruffled rim. Great oversized vase in mint condition. All flowers, leaves and trailings appear perfect. Polished Pontil. Exquisite piece! OOPS MISSED A BOO BOO...SALE PRICE $295...there is a sliver from a flower petal, top side so it isn't easily seen, and the top ruffled edge has a thin spot on the amber rim that has a tooling mark where the trailing thin and is pinched off.

  • Rare Mount Washington Vase, Soft Minty Green with pale amber trailings and handle. Amberina leaves with a typical Mt. Washington Formed Rosette. Pale amber deep ruffled rim. Silver Mica flakes throughout. Polished Pontil. Vase is in mint condition with no cracks, chips, nics or repairs. Last picture is closest to color. Similar vase showing exact rosettes on page 110 "The Collectors Encyclopedia of American Art Glass".

  • End of Day Confetti Squat Vase. Wonderful ribbed exterior and rare pink cased glass interior. Wonderful detail in a Confetti Vase!

  • Rare "End of Day" Thorn Vase. Great color Umber and Red in a Twisted Loop Stylized vase with free form feet. Great condition with all thorns and feet intact!

  • Very Rare Vase! Beautiful Deep Pink/Cranberry Mother of Pearl Satin Glass in the Peacock Tail Pattern. Wonderful upturned Jack in the Pulpit Rim. Broken Pontil. Wonderful Condition! Circa 1885

  • Very Rare Harlequin Opalescent Vase with Ruffled Rim and Mat su noke applied flower. Amethyst with white opalescent and green ruffled rim. Broken Pontil. Excellent Condition. Circa 1875

  • Rare Amethyst Icicle Vase on Brass Base. Wonderful Deep Color with applied Crystal Icicles dripping from the rim. Handpainted liquid glass enameled decoration. Circa 1875

  • Wonderful Cranberry Rimmed Art Glass Basket. Clear Threaded Swirled body fading to a Cranberry Crimped Ruffled Rim and a Twisted Clear Thorn Handle Unusual Matsunoke Flowers applied to the body. Great Detail in a large basket.

  • Fabulous TriColor Vaseline Art Glass Basket. Wonderful twisted thorn handle. Vaseline with Opalescent Fold and Emerald Rim. Body is Ribbed. Glows Beautifully! Attributed to Stevens and Williams. Circa 1870 - 1880

  • End of the day victorian mini rainbow vase.

  • Attributed to Stevens & Williams, rare pink thorn vase.

  • End of the day rainbow vase with ruffled rim.

  • Emerald twist claret jug with an ornate cap.

  • Possibly Loetz. Rare threaded glass vase with base. Incredible glass threading. Ornate Brass Frame.

  • Loetz green twisted rib vase.

  • Loetz green bowl.

  • Very rare thorn vase. Stevens & Williams. Rare ambercolor with opalescent thorns and vaseline glass base. Oversized at 12 1/5 inches. Opalescent thorns are intact, minor roughness to rim, one small chip to rim, three feet are chipped. Sold As Is, but overall a great show piece!

  • Pair of Stevens & Williams thorn vases. Rare color amberina with opalescent thorns and vaseline glass bases . One Vase is as near perfect as any 125 year old piece, feet and thorns intact, minor roughness on the rim. The other vase has one chipped foot, all thorns intact, minor roughness to the rim. Wonderful 15 1/2" tall, rare vases! Sold as a pair only!

  • La Verre Francais rare "cameo" glass, large vase. By Schneider Glassworks- France, 1918-1932. SOLD! STAYING IN TEXAS!