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Dining Room

-China Cabinets
-Buffets & Servers
-Tea Carts & Tea Tabl


-Dressers & Vanities
-Highboys & Chests
-Murphy Beds
-Washstand Nightstand
-Cheval Floor Mirror
-Shaving Stand
-Wash Basin Sets


-Lamp /CoffeeTables
-Etageres & Curios
-Secretarys / Desks
-Library Tables
-Game Table
-Foot Stools
-Center/Foyer Tables


-Conference Tables
-Library/Work Tables
-Coat Poles
-File Cabinets
-Desk Mate / Printer
-Dictionary Stand


-Fostoria American
-Cambridge Rosepoint
-Imperial Candlewick

Victorian Art Glass

-Art Glass
-Brides Bowls / Baske
-Pickle Castors
-Mantel Lusters




-Hanging Wall
-Jewelers Regulator

Specialty Items

-Music Cabinets
-Dental Cabinets
-Shaving Stands
-Music Machines
-Barber Chairs
-Merklen Furniture
-Sewing Stand
-Gun Cabinets


-Oak Mantels
-Mahogany Mantels
-Benches & Pews
-Pier Mirror/Table

Arts & Crafts

-China Cabinet


-Victorian Banquet
-Rare Unusual Lamps
-Still in Oil Lamps
-Piano Lamps
-Floor Lamps
-Victorian Minis
-Buffet Lamps

Fine China & Porcelain

-Schuman Dresden Flow
-Limoges Game & Fish
-Dresden Whimsey
-Royal Worcester
-Dresden Tableware

Bridal Registries

-Tiffany Steel
-Abby Buchanan


-Royal Doulton

Mary Lowe Jewelry

-Bracelets / Cuffs
-Bridal / Brides

Antique & Vintage Jewelr



-Earlier Lalique

Consigned Items

-Sterling Flatware
-Victorian Art Glass

Bedroom - Beds

  • Mahogany 4 Poster Bed with Mahogany Carved Canopy Frame, rebuilt to Queen Size. Will accommodate a conventional Queen Frame. Beautiful Timeless Style! Great Quality and Condtion, Restored to Perfection! Circa 1870- 1890.

  • Fancy Tall Back Oak Paneled Bed, Great Styling, Excellent Restored Condition. Will convert to Queen. Circa 1890

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Tall Back Bed, Great French Inspiration, Heavy, High Quality, Excellent Restored Condition. Will convert to Queen. Circa 1890

  • Massive Oak Paneled Tall Bed, Great Carved Detail, Carved Oak Beaded Detail, Very Heavy, Great Quality, Excellent Restored Condition. Will Convert to Queen Size. Circa early 1890

  • Massive Ornately Carved Mahogany Bed, Beautiful Quality! This is one of the finest late Victorian Beds we have ever found! Massive Posts, Open Carved Crests! Oversized will convert to Queen Perfectly

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Carved Tall Bed, Unusual Hooded Style on the Headboard, Massive Logroll! Great Quality in a very rare style! Excellent Restored Condition

  • Massive highly carved Victorian High Back Raised Panel Bed. Great Styling, Heavily Carved in the manner of R J Horner. Peacock Tail Motif is remarkable! A Full 60" wide, will convert beautifully to Queen. Restored, Circa 1890

  • Massive 4 Poster Bed, Tall Octagon Posts, measure 17" diameter. Great Style in a Very Early Bed. Posts lengthened to fit a Queen Bed. Circa 1860

  • Quartersawn Oak Ornate Carved Log Roll Crested Bed. Heavy Log Roll Footboard, Excellent Restored Condition. Will convert beautifully to Queen Size. Circa 1890's

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Tall Back Bed. Tolling Pin Headboard! Great Style, Beautiful Carvings, Tall Back Bed with Log Roll Footboard. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Wonderful Victorian Tall Walnut Bed. Great Detail. Seems to have been shortened from a Half Tester sometime in its past. Old finish, cleaned & polished. Will hold a conventional full mattress & box spring, OR we can convert it to Queen Size. Circa 1870 DOG DAZE SALE PRICED AT $1299

  • Rare Pair Twin Mahogany Ornately Carved Beds attributed to R J Horner. Excellent Original Finish. Cleaned and Polished. Extremely Ornate Crests and Carvings. Will accommodate conventional twin mattresses. Circa 1890's

  • Massive Oversized Quartersawn Oak Fancy Bed. Attributed to R J Horner. Great Carved Crest, Fancy Flaked Grain Pattern, Huge Clawfeet. Oversized must go to Queen. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Massive Mahogany 4 Poster Bed, Rebuilt to King Size, Highly Carved Acanthus Posts, top to bottom, rare to find with the Pineapple Carved to the foot as well! Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1860 - 1870

  • Victorian Oak Fancy Crested Logroll Highback Bed. Great Styling! Restored, will convert to Queen. Circa 1890

  • Fancy Carved Tallback Victorian Bed. Great Heart Shaped Motif. Nice Details will convert to Queen. Restored, Circa 1890

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Fancy Carved Bed. Great Carved Crest With Griffins. Great Style! This bed has been converted to Queen Size and is shown with a conventional Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Beautifully carved full acanthus poster bed. Great mahogany grain pattern. Will accommodate a full mattress or we can convert to Queen, for additional price of $160. A nice early bed in perfect restored condition. SALE PRICED $1999

  • Massive Mahogany Victorian Bed with Fancy Carved Headboard and Full Tester. Bed was oversized and we extended it to King. Will accommodate any king sized mattress. Circa 1860 SOLD STAYING IN TEXAS, GOING TO THE BEST QUEEN ANNE IN GEORGETOWN!

  • Heavy Oak Fancy Paneled Bed with Oval Cameos in the Headboard and Footboard. Great Carvings on an earlier Bed, wonderful Beaded Edge Trim! Show with optional Matching Dresser or Washstand. Excellent Restored Condition. Will convert to Queen. Circa 1885

  • Great 1940's Mahogany Cannonball Bed. Nice Large Posts and Foot Rail. Great Woodgrain Pattern in the Headboard. This bed has original rails and takes a full mattress fine. Great Restored Finish.

  • Tall Quartersawn Oak Fancy Bed. Very Ornately Carved, Logroll Headboard and Footboard. One of the Best! One of my Favorites! see the Logroll Dresser in the Dresser Category to near perfect match. Circa 1890 Converted to Queen.

  • Tall Back Fancy Crested Quartersawn Oak Bed. Nice Panels, Fancy Footboard. Will Convert to Queen. Circa 1890 THIS NICE BED IS SOLD!

  • One of the Best! Great Log Roll Tall Back, Fancy Carved. This one has it all! See the Dresser in Dresser Category to near perfect match. Will convert to Queen. Restored and in Excellent Condition. Circa 1890

  • They don't get better than this! Heavily carved solid Mahogany. Incredible Detail carved deeply. Oversize, will accommodate a standard full with deep rails, but nicely converts to Queen Size. Sold as Set with R J Horner Dresser and Mirrored Hiboy

  • Mahogany Panel Four Poster Plantation Bed. Great Woodgrain Panels! This bed has been rebuilt to King Size as shown. Aproximately 8' posts. Incredible Quality! Circa 1830

  • Lincold bed with fancy double oval walnut pierced carved crest. Circa 1860. Bed measures about 59''wide by 86''high.