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Dining Room

-China Cabinets
-Buffets & Servers
-Tea Carts & Tea Tabl


-Dressers & Vanities
-Highboys & Chests
-Murphy Beds
-Washstand Nightstand
-Cheval Floor Mirror
-Shaving Stand
-Wash Basin Sets


-Lamp /CoffeeTables
-Etageres & Curios
-Secretarys / Desks
-Library Tables
-Game Table
-Foot Stools
-Center/Foyer Tables


-Conference Tables
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-Coat Poles
-File Cabinets
-Desk Mate / Printer
-Dictionary Stand


-Fostoria American
-Cambridge Rosepoint
-Imperial Candlewick

Victorian Art Glass

-Art Glass
-Brides Bowls / Baske
-Pickle Castors
-Mantel Lusters




-Hanging Wall
-Jewelers Regulator

Specialty Items

-Music Cabinets
-Dental Cabinets
-Shaving Stands
-Music Machines
-Barber Chairs
-Merklen Furniture
-Sewing Stand
-Gun Cabinets


-Oak Mantels
-Mahogany Mantels
-Benches & Pews
-Pier Mirror/Table

Arts & Crafts

-China Cabinet


-Victorian Banquet
-Rare Unusual Lamps
-Still in Oil Lamps
-Piano Lamps
-Floor Lamps
-Victorian Minis
-Buffet Lamps

Fine China & Porcelain

-Schuman Dresden Flow
-Limoges Game & Fish
-Dresden Whimsey
-Royal Worcester
-Dresden Tableware

Bridal Registries

-Tiffany Steel
-Abby Buchanan


-Royal Doulton

Mary Lowe Jewelry

-Bracelets / Cuffs
-Bridal / Brides

Antique & Vintage Jewelr



-Earlier Lalique

Consigned Items

-Sterling Flatware
-Victorian Art Glass

Fine China & Porcelain - Dresden Whimsey

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Very Rare Watering Can, Whimsey Piece! Beautiful Blank with raised relief. Handpainted with Florals hanging from Delicate Ribbon and Floral Garlands, Lots of Gold Gilt!

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Bolted Candlesticks, Rare in a Pair. Beautiful Blue with Hand Painted Floral Medallions and Gold Gilt Trim. 1901 - 1930

  • Dresden Rare Card Receiver, Unknown Manufacture, but possibly Franziska Hirsch. Tiny Stains on the Porcelain. But Priced accordingly and Beautiful. Circa 1900

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Miniature Handled Tray. Beautiful Reticulated Edge, Handpainted Floral Bouquet with Floral Garlands. Austria Blank.

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Miniature Handled Tray with Beautifully Reticulated Sides. Exquisite Handpainted Floral Center with Floral Garland all Around.

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Lidded Miniature Bolted Urn. Childs Heads Adorn the Handles. Beautifully Hand Painted Detail with Floral Baskets Suspended from the Floral Garland by a Bow. Great Detail! In addition to the Carl Thieme Mark, marked Dec 545 Depose' 1900

  • Dresden Carl Thieme Miniature Lidded Bolted Urn. Rams Heads Adorning the Handles. Bold Pink Body with Hand Painted Floral Cameos. 1901

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Handled Heart Shaped Nappy or Open Dish. Beautiful raised Detail, Exquisitely Handpainted and Gold Gilted. Made expressly for S & G Gump Department Store in San Fransico and marked accordingly. Ca 1893 - 1901

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Tall Tea Caddy. Beautiful Raised Relief, Domed Lid, Adorned with Exquisite Hand Painted Floral Medallions and Gold Gilt. Mark Dates 1893 - 1930

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Tea Caddy. Beautifully Hand Painted with Raised Relief Adorned with Gold Gilt. Earlier Mark.

  • Dresden Miniature Round Trinket Box by Helena Wolfsohn. Beautifully Handpainted in Tiny Detail and Adorned with a Gold Gilt Garland. Circa 1890

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Miniature Heart Shaped Trinket Box. Beautifully Handpainted Floral Bouquets Inside and Out and Delicately Gold Gilted Garlands around the Openings.

  • Dresden Shell Shaped Covered Trinket Box, Handpainted inside lid and box, Rare Dimensional Mold, Heavily Gilded. Franziska Hirsch. 1893 - 1930

  • Dresden Open Heart Dish, Scalloped outside, Beautifully Decorated, Carl Thieme, Ca. 1901- 1930's

  • Rare Miniature Dresden Chamberstick / Candlestick. Beautifully Decorated attributed to Richard Wehsner. Circa 1895 - 1918

  • Very Rare Franziska Hirsch Tea Strainer. Beautifully Hand Painted, Well Marked. Circa 1901 - 1930

  • Dresden Miniature Covered Trinket Box in the Shape of a Settee. Wonderfully Detailed Gilding Highlighting the Handpainted Florals. Attributed to Helena Wolfsohn mark dating 1886 - 1891

  • Dresden Franziska Hirsch Shell Shaped Miniature Cabinet Cup, Beautiful Design and Shape. Beautifully Hand Painted and Adorned with Gold Gilt inside and out. Circa 1893