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Dining Room

-China Cabinets
-Buffets & Servers
-Tea Carts & Tea Tabl


-Dressers & Vanities
-Highboys & Chests
-Murphy Beds
-Washstand Nightstand
-Cheval Floor Mirror
-Shaving Stand
-Wash Basin Sets


-Lamp /CoffeeTables
-Etageres & Curios
-Secretarys / Desks
-Library Tables
-Game Table
-Foot Stools
-Center/Foyer Tables


-Conference Tables
-Library/Work Tables
-Coat Poles
-File Cabinets
-Desk Mate / Printer
-Dictionary Stand


-Fostoria American
-Cambridge Rosepoint
-Imperial Candlewick

Victorian Art Glass

-Art Glass
-Brides Bowls / Baske
-Pickle Castors
-Mantel Lusters




-Hanging Wall
-Jewelers Regulator

Specialty Items

-Music Cabinets
-Dental Cabinets
-Shaving Stands
-Music Machines
-Barber Chairs
-Merklen Furniture
-Sewing Stand
-Gun Cabinets


-Oak Mantels
-Mahogany Mantels
-Benches & Pews
-Pier Mirror/Table

Arts & Crafts

-China Cabinet


-Victorian Banquet
-Rare Unusual Lamps
-Still in Oil Lamps
-Piano Lamps
-Floor Lamps
-Victorian Minis
-Buffet Lamps

Fine China & Porcelain

-Schuman Dresden Flow
-Limoges Game & Fish
-Dresden Whimsey
-Royal Worcester
-Dresden Tableware

Bridal Registries

-Tiffany Steel
-Abby Buchanan


-Royal Doulton

Mary Lowe Jewelry

-Bracelets / Cuffs
-Bridal / Brides

Antique & Vintage Jewelr



-Earlier Lalique

Consigned Items

-Sterling Flatware
-Victorian Art Glass

Lamps - Victorian Banquet

  • Beautiful Tall Gone with the Wind Lamp, Cranberry Shade, Polished Nickel and Brass, Pat. dated 1893. Converted to Electricity.

  • Gone With the Wind Banquet Lamp. Beautiful Teal Blue with Burgunday Hibiscus Blossoms . Converted to Electric. Excellent Condition. Circa 1890

  • Gone With the Wind Banquet Lamp, Hand painted Poppies. Wired for Electric. Excellent Condition. Circa 1890

  • Triple Banquet Lamp, Marked Juno, Hand Painted, Matching Base, Font & Shade. Has been electrified with lit base also, but otherwise completely original with great patina. Circa 1890

  • Incredible Triple Banquet Lamp, All Original with Original Globe. Beautiful Courting Scene, matching on all pieces. Best Triple I have ever found! Nice Clean Brass with patina. Circa 1890, Converted to Electricity

  • Beautiful Cranberry Drape "Bullet" Shade on a "Mini" Banquet Lamp. Brass & Nickel, Polished, Wired, Excellent Condition. Great Style in a Small Lamp. Circa 1890

  • Very Rare Victorian "Triple" Banquet Lamp. excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Florals on White Opaque Glass. Brasses are clean. Circa 1890, Electrified. SORRY, SOLD!

  • Unusual Cranberry Cut to Clear Bowl over solid Brass Ornate Base. Cranberry Shade. Great Styling, Perfect for a Dresser or Buffet. Rewired and in Great Condition. Electrified Circa 1880

  • Tall Victorian Banquet Lamp, Beautiful Nickel and Brass Body with a 9" Satin Glass Acid Etched Shade. Polished and lacquered and converted to electricity. Circa 1880 - 1890

  • Beautiful Restored Gone With the Wind Banquet Lamp, Earthtones with Red and Yellow Roses. Brasses have been Polished and Lacquered. Converted to Electricity. Circa 1890

  • Magnificent Gone With the Wind Banquet Lamp. Wonderfully Handpainted with Burgundy Roses. Decorated to look like Pittsburgh Panels. Converted to Electric. Excellent Condition. Circa 1890

  • Rare Triple Banquet Lamp in a wonderful Peachblow Color. Hand Painted Rose Motif. Original Patina, Converted to Electricity. Circa 1890

  • Rare Triple Banquet Lamp, Covered in Pansies! Embossed Fleur de Lis, Converted to Electric. Excellent Condition.

  • Wonderfully Ornate Victorian Oil Lamp Converted to Electric, Unusual Motif with "Lily of the Valley" Feet and Cherub pouring water. Rare Honeycomb body. Nickel and Brass. Opalescent Shade. Patent Date 1891

  • Rare Red Satin Glass Lamp with Matching Shade. Great Oak Leaf Detail! Wonderful Beaded Glass Fringed Ring with Shade. Some Beading missing, but nothing to detract from this Lamp! Converted to Electricity. Circa 1890.

  • Wonderful Fancy Based Nickel "Mini" Banquet Lamp. Rare Style and Size. Opalescent Swirl Shade. Very Close to another Mini we have posted if you need two similar! Converted to electricity. Circa 1890

  • Ornate Nickel and Brass Base with Griffin Head Feet, Stylized 7" Ball with Carved Stylized Hearts and Beaded Medallions. The most beautiful base we have found in a Mini Lamp. Beautiful Opalescent Swirl Shade. Marked "The New Juno" Made in USA. Converted to Electricity. Circa 1890

  • WOW! Beautiful signed Hendryx Cast Metal Base with original Fringed Shade in Perfect Condition. Base is patinated with a warm bronze with copper highlights. Wonderful Silk Shade in Excellent Condition. Circa 1900-1920

  • Rare 4'Tall Massive Victorian Banquet Lamp with Cherubs. Incredible Large Copper "Egg", ornate nickel & brass. Great Green Opalescent Shade. This lamp is the BEST of its size. Circa 1890 Electrified. SOLD!

  • Rare Victorian Mini Banquet Lamp. Beautiful Nickel Bowl, Brass fittings, Amber Opalescent Coinspot Shade. Great Detail in a Mini Lamp. Circa 1890 Electrified. SOLD!

  • Ornate Cranberry Banquet Lamp Nickel and Brass Base. Rare Cranberry Oval Shade. Circa 1890, Electrified SORRY, SOLD!

  • Ornate banquet lamp with Nautical theme. Cherub on a seahorse. Great Condition, Onyx Accents. Circa 1890, Electrified.

  • Victorian Banquet lamp with onyx trim and handpainted shade. Unusual base with elephant head feet. Circa 1890 Electrified SORRY, SOLD!