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Dining Room

-China Cabinets
-Buffets & Servers
-Tea Carts & Tea Tabl


-Dressers & Vanities
-Highboys & Chests
-Murphy Beds
-Washstand Nightstand
-Cheval Floor Mirror
-Shaving Stand
-Wash Basin Sets


-Lamp /CoffeeTables
-Etageres & Curios
-Secretarys / Desks
-Library Tables
-Game Table
-Foot Stools
-Center/Foyer Tables


-Conference Tables
-Library/Work Tables
-Coat Poles
-File Cabinets
-Desk Mate / Printer
-Dictionary Stand


-Fostoria American
-Cambridge Rosepoint
-Imperial Candlewick

Victorian Art Glass

-Art Glass
-Brides Bowls / Baske
-Pickle Castors
-Mantel Lusters




-Hanging Wall
-Jewelers Regulator

Specialty Items

-Music Cabinets
-Dental Cabinets
-Shaving Stands
-Music Machines
-Barber Chairs
-Merklen Furniture
-Sewing Stand
-Gun Cabinets


-Oak Mantels
-Mahogany Mantels
-Benches & Pews
-Pier Mirror/Table

Arts & Crafts

-China Cabinet


-Victorian Banquet
-Rare Unusual Lamps
-Still in Oil Lamps
-Piano Lamps
-Floor Lamps
-Victorian Minis
-Buffet Lamps

Fine China & Porcelain

-Schuman Dresden Flow
-Limoges Game & Fish
-Dresden Whimsey
-Royal Worcester
-Dresden Tableware

Bridal Registries

-Tiffany Steel
-Abby Buchanan


-Royal Doulton

Mary Lowe Jewelry

-Bracelets / Cuffs
-Bridal / Brides

Antique & Vintage Jewelr



-Earlier Lalique

Consigned Items

-Sterling Flatware
-Victorian Art Glass

Architecture - Oak Mantels

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Mantel, Oversized, right at 9' tall, Double Mantel Shelf, Double Wide Beveled Mirrors, Fluted Shaped Columns, Heavy Detailed Carvings, One of the Best Ever! AND Oversized Firebox 52w 42t Circa 1890

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Split Column Mantel. Great Carved Oak Capitals atop the Columns, Great Details. Restored Excellent Condition. Circa 1890

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Mantel. Great Heavy Styling with the Largest Posts, Simple with a Heavy Header, Heavy Posts, and Great Woodgrain! Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Mantel, Lots of Fine Detail. Shield Shaped Beveled Mirror Framed with beaded trim. Fluted Candlestand Columns, Nicely Shaped Crest. Firebox measures 41w 39h Restored in Excellent Condition. Circa 1890.

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Double Column Mantel Adorned with large Griffin Heads. Great Look! Wonderful Quartersawn Oak Grain! Firebox measures 42 wide 41 3/4 tall Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Early Quartersawn Stick & Ball Mantel, lots of details! Nice Carvings all over, beaded edge around the mirror, great ornate candlestands. Excellent condition in old finish. Firebox measures 41w 42t Circa 1885

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Hooded Mantel. Wonderfully Detailed all OVER! Great Griffins tucked under the Hooding. Lots of Style! Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890 Firebox measures 38 1/2 tall 41 1/2 wide

  • Quartersawn Oak Columned Mantel. Unusual with Northwind Capitals over Columns. Wide Beveled Mirror. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890 Firebox dimension is 41 1/2" wide 40" tall

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Hooded Mantel. Rare Styling! Multiple columns grace the mantel shelf atop beautiful curved columns. Very Elegant. Circa 1890

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak Oval Mirrored Mantle. Great Beaded Edge Trimmed Header. Great Carved Detail around a Beveled Oval Mirror. Circa 1890

  • Rare Entry Mantel, Great fluted columns with carved dentil header and heavily carved capitals over the massive fluted columns, egg and dart carved moldings surrounding the beveled mirror. Great style! Circa 1890

  • Fancy Heavy Quartersawn Oak Mantel. Incredible matching of the grain patterns all around mantel shelf and beveled mirror. Great Detailed Mantel! Heavy Columns. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Great Quartersawn Oak Fluted Column Mantel, Incredible Detail with Fluted Columns, Greek Key Molding around the Beveled Mirror. Beaded Molding and Dentil Molding framing the Mantel Shelf. Great Restored Condition. Circa 1890

  • Rare Candlestand Mantel. Great Quartersawn Oak! Unusual Columns ending in Candlestands! Great Carved Details. Fleur de lis and Egg and Dart Moldings. Slight Scratches on the original beveled Mirror. Mirror can be replaced reasonably. Very Good Restored Finish. Circa 1890

  • Massive mantel with leaded and beveled display cabinet. Outside firebox measures 41.5x 39tall

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Mantel, Great Carvings, lots of Details! Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890 Firebox 42 wide x 39 tall SOLD Delivering to California!

  • Fancy Quartersawn Oak 3/4 Mantel, Nice Detailed Paneled Header, Great Carved Shelf Face. Wonderful Styling in this size Mantel. Restored Excellent Condition. Circa 1890 Firebox 41 12/" wide x 46 1/2" tall

  • Quartersawn Oak Mantel, Nice Detail in a Simple Heavy Columned Mantel. Beveled Mirror, Nice Beaded Detail. Restored, Excellent Condition. Circa 1890 Firebox Opening 42W 39T DOG DAZE SALE PRICED $1995

  • Monumental Quartersawn Oak Heavy Carved Mantel. Incredible Carved Capitals and Header! Massive Fluted Columns! Picture Framed Beveled Mirror! More Details to this Mantel than any we have seen! From a fine Victorian home in Austin, Texas, Made by a local craftsman, Nalles Cabinet Company. Excellent Restored Condition. Call for additional closeup photos. Circa 1900 SOLD! Delivering to California

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Fancy Tall Carved Header Mantel! This one is Wonderful! The Carved Details are amazing! Needs a Big Tall Ceiling! Beveled Mirror! Great Style! Circa 1890

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak 3/4 Mantel. Great Woodgrain! Fancy Carved Capitals over large fluted columns. Massive Header has carved dentil molding and egg/dart molding. The Firebox measurements are 48in. Tall x 41.5in. wide Great Style! Circa 1890

  • Nice Oak Half Mantel, Great Carved Detail. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1900 Firebox 41 1/2 w 39 t

  • Nice Oak Fluted Column Mantel. Great Carved Detail surrounding Beveled Mirror and under shelf. Full Fluted Columns. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890 First 2 photos are dark, other photos show true color. Firebox 42 1/2 wide 40 tall

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Mantel, Full Fluted Columns, Fancy Frilly Carved Header. Great Style in a large mantel! Oversized firebox 41"wide x 48" tall. Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890 SOLD! STAYING IN TEXAS!

  • Fancy Oak Half Mantel. Nice Carved Detail. Fluted Columns, Carved Rosettes, Dentil Moldings. Great Style! Circa 1900 Firebox dimension 41 wide x 39 tall

  • Fancy Carved Quartersawn Oak Mantel. Rare Oval Mirror. Fancy Carved Header with Ornate Northwind Face. Fluted Columns, Carved Capitals, Beveled Mirror. Nice Details. Circa 1890 Firebox 42wide 39 tall SOLD! Going to Colorado!

  • Massive Quartersawn Oak Columned Mantel, Nice Carved Capitals on Columns, Fluted Backs behind Mantel Columns, double trim around the beveled Mirror. Mirror has minor specs most likely original mirror as well. Oversized. Original Finish is in great condition. Firebox is 42" square

  • Quartersawn Oak, Great Flake, Massive Column Tall Mantel. Fancy Beaded Edge Trim on Shelf and Header.

  • Very Unusual Pediment Style Oak Mantel with Mirror Columns and Candlestands. Carved Capitals over Quartersawn Oak Columns. Beautiful detailing with carved Moldings and Trim. Excellent Condition and Styling. Circa 1890 Just added the picture of this beautiful mantel installed in the new home, fitted with a Dimplex Firebox. Looks Wonderful!

  • Massive Oak Mantel, Great Detailed Carved Header above the Stately Beveled Mirror and Shelf. Full Tapered Columns with Carved Capitals. Awesome styling! Excellent Restored Condition. Circa 1890.

  • Awesome Quartersawn Oak Arts Mantel, Great simple styling with Limbert Style Detailing. Great Original Finish. Circa 1900

  • Quartersawn oak fancy fluted columned mantel. Firebox measures 41x 41.5 tall.

  • Massive quartersawn oak heavy columned mantel. Firebox measures 42 x 39 tall. SOLD!

  • Ornate columned quartersawn oak fireplace mantel. Circa 1890. Outside firebox measures 42x 39tall SOLD!

  • Massive carved multi-column quartersawn oak mantel. Outside of firebox measures 45.5x 39.5tall Circa 1890.